We accept children that are 12 months of age. Space permitting, we accept children after the start of the school year when they turn 12 months if they were not 12 months when the school year began. 

Children do not have to be toilet-trained to attend our school.

We warmly welcome our parents to participate in our school. However, as parents ourselves, we know that you are juggling multiple responsibilities and therefore created our program to function well independently of parent involvement. Nevertheless, studies show there are many benefits to parent involvement in their children's education and the students love it.Therefore, throughout the year we will let you know about opportunities participate in activities with their children and to volunteer to help the school. 

The school requires children to bring their own lunch and snacks. 

As required by the State of California, only an adult authorized by the child’s parent can pick him up. You can authorize an adult to pick up your child by filling out our form either before the school year begins or at least one day before that adult picks him up.

The regular day is 9am-1pm, Monday through Thursday and until 12pm on Friday. 

For the 2018-2019 school year, there will be options for early-care and after-care.

Standard Tuition (9am-1pm): $8,200 per child
Sibling discount: $500 discount per child beyond the first child

Registration Fee: $75 per child

Drop-off cost per day:

$60 9 A.M-1 P.M.

$35 9 A.M.-11:00 A.M.