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Thank You For Your Support!

Our goal to start a new Jewish preschool in the Bay Area would be just a dream without the support of all our generous donors. The following individuals and organizations have been especially helpful:

Alex and Rachel Sidorovsky, Allen I. Gross Charitable Foundation, Andy and Leah Hartman, Apple Inc., Aryeh and Ariella Weiss, Bert and Sophia Zalk, Bob and Carrie Zeidman, Congregation Am Echad, David and Janice Zalk, David and Rochelle Raccah, Dennis and Daphne Teifeld, Dovid Levine, Ezequiel and Sabrina Singer, Google, Gregory and Adeline Bron, Hal Dryan, Heshy Fried of Epic Bites Catering, Howard and Elaine Fagan, Ian and Nina Brody, Intel Inc., Irwin Saks Charitable Foundation, Jeffrey and Holly Ullman, Jim and Jimmi Roberts, Joel and Nancy Goodman, Joel and Rachel Gedalius, Kevin and Tamara Fagan, Michel and Sima Rynderman, Oded and Smadar Lerner, Rabbi Menachem and Rebbetzin Rachelli Levine, Rick and Ann Tavan, Schron Family Charity Fund, Shlomo Y. and Tamar Rechnitz Charity Foundation, Silicon Valley Community Foundation, Wendy Bellon, Yaffa Borison of Alain Pinel Realtors, Yehuda and Sharona Kohanteb